Real People.
Real Spectrum.
Real Cannabinoids.

Experience the cutting edge science
with multiple cannabinoids!

The Sucavu Difference

Peaked Potency

Picked Peak Potency™

The Sucavu farm system guarantees that
all of our plants are harvested when the
desired cannabinoid is at its peak
potency. They are then extracted and
bottled with each product containing a
95% bioequivalence standard for
Increased cannabinoid uniformity,
potency and effectiveness.

Grown by us

Dirt to Door Inspected™

Our cannabinoids are grown in
farms that are controlled and monitored
by us. From the soil, harvest and
extraction analysis to the final certificate
of analysis (COA) on the -product at your
door. Excellence is a requirement.
We settle for nothing less!

Live Cavu Representatives

Our Representatives are trained and
prepared to coach you on how to create
and maintain a CAVU Lifestyle. The Sucavu system allows for multiple ways to earn rewards cash – as a customer, a preferred customer or a Representative!


Supreme Products Are Our First Priority

Our products truly provide you with a broad range of benefits that simply cannot and will not be found anywhere else. Capable of allowing anyone to feel relaxed, refreshed and re-energized from the inside out, our impressive line of cannibidiol based products can bring improvements to your entire form – from your skin to your overall well being.

Cavu Complete

Uniquely prepared bundles designed to work synergistically for your optimal daily health.

Cavu Skin Care

From anti-aging serums to beard oils to body roll-ons, moisturizing creams and more. Love the skin you're in.

Cavu Eats

A tasty option to get your cannabinoids, including Chocolate, Gummies, & Energy Chews.

Cavu Pets

Pets can live their best and longest lives safely, with our unique Pet Drops and Treats for dogs and cats. 

Cavu Clean

Alcohol and Silver based products to protect you from germs. Discover advanced Sucavu protection.

Cavu Oils

Only pharmaceutical grade nano-amplified cannabinoids to allow for the greatest absorption & bio-availability.

Cavu Fit

Optimize your overall health with our NOx Boost, Hemp and Pea Protein, and CavuTrim. Live your best Sucavu day, everyday.

Cavu Swag

Score the latest merch and swag and style including hats, tees and more! Rep the Sucavu brand with the latest gear.

Scott Jonas

The Sucavu products are great. I use the Core Balance and Protein Greens everyday pre-workout and I notice an immediate increase in my concetration.



Emily Wilton

I loved the oils so much that I became a Representative – now I share with my social media friends and make alot of extra cash.



Kaylie Willum

I have lost 33 pounds since I have used the Sucavu products, mainly from binge block. It really curbs my craving for sweets!



What are Cannabinoids?

The word cannabinoid refers to every chemical substance, regardless of structure or origin, that attaches to the cannabinoid receptors of the body and brain called your EndoCannabinoid System.


What do Cannabinoids do?

Sucavu Phyto Cannabinoids intersect with our Endocannabinoid System, whose primary function is to create balance and homeostatsis. In research studies, this system has been referred to as the “Master Regulator” for every organ & system in our body.

Explore More Sucavu

Our Company Farms

Sucavu prides itself on creating a culture with the best people, products, practices and resources, bringing them together to create a synergistic collective.


How to use the Core

The CORE is a three pronged approach to achieving peak endo-balance. This balance is achieved through 3 all-natural, organic, cannabinoid-rich products that nourish and signal your Endocannabinoid system to regulate the other various systems in your body to reach the top optimization and function.


Sucavu Serves

Sucavu Serves, a non profit 501c3, is committed to SERVING THOSE WHO SERVE. Our mission extends to those on the front lines of War and its consequences, CoVid, Poverty, Trafficking and more



Cavu is not just a lifestyle – it is our Sucavu Philosophy

It wasn’t just enough for us to own the farm – we knew we had to take it further. See how our team of three grew into where we are today …

Latest News & Updates

CAVU (ca-voo)



A ceiling implies a limit. In traditional corporate and social models there are limits: opportunity, education, positions, pay, schedule, vacations, gender, race, religion, etc. Abolishing limits allows for a very unique human experience where the only limit is your desire, effort and vision.


AND ...

AND ...

We know the word “and” is just a connector between two ideas or concepts but for us “and” is adding to what you already have. Bring what you've got now “and” the CAVU lifestyle will add to it!



Visibility usually has a distance associated with it. Some people you come in contact with may have no or zero visibility about cannabinoids or the opportunity or your future. That's ok! Your visibility is your responsibility! Your responsibility to understand, educate, believe and follow your potential. Visibility requires education and application. Some days may be a little more cloudy than others but as we grow, practice and move forward our visibility will expand and open into possibilities you never imagined.



At Sucavu you can leave your limits at the door. Your limits here are only restricted by your own thoughts,actions and persistence. With dedicated, consistent effort you can achieve unlimited: physical, financial, mental, emotional, spiritual and social growth. Before you know it you will be sharing with others how to live Unlimited! 



Our products truly provide
customers with a broad range of benefits
that you simply cannot and will
not find anywhere else.


A turnkey, valuable e-commerce business
from the comfort of your home.
No resume required.


Sucavu supports and encourages you on your business journey. We continue to offer additional rewards and compensation goals along your way.

Become a Sucavu Representative and join the community. Jump start your future by promoting a life of health and
wellness to others, plus the financial freedom to generate a second income online