Sucavu means – Su (means “you” or “your”) Ceiling And Visibility’s Unlimited. At Sucavu, we have big ideas and even bigger goals. We believe our best work is ahead of us. We constantly strive for our short term goals to be completed while we have our BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) always and ever present.

Our Goals

  1. Make the best product in the world, bar none.
    We don’t skimp on ingredients. Our products look great, taste even better, and have the best cannabinoids in the world.
  2. Ensure our Representatives are listened to and taken care of.
    Even though we have been creating and selling products for almost 6 years, we are excited to partner with our Social Media Representatives to help them achieve their goals, which in turn, helps us achieve our goals.

We Believe

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Earn bonuses and luxury vacations, attend leadership events and retreats, and so much more, just by signing up to sell a product that you know you can truly believe in.

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Crafted from premium ingredients and perfectly blended to include natural and organic oils with more active cannabinoids included than anywhere else, any Sucavu product you choose is designed to benefit the mind, body and soul of the person or pet to which it’s applied.