Binge Block Cinnamon

A remarkably effective way to reduce and/or remove your craving for sugar and sweets. From the very first spray, this amazing Binge Block formula is certain to make a difference in how often you reach for another dessert or an especially sugary food item. With 3 simple weeks of use, this formulation will change your diet, and your life.

CV 42.5
VOLUME 49.97





How To Use

Coat the tongue withe 5-10 sprays or drops. Hold on tongue for 1 minute, then swall0w. Use as needed to cut sugar cravings.

Benefit & Features

Proprietary Herbal Blend that temporarily blocks the ability to taste sweets.


Proprietary Herbal Blend (Garcinia Cambogia, Ginseng (Red Korean), Green Tea Extract, Gymnema, Ashwaganda).

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The Sucavu Promise

After years of providing world class cannabidiol (CBD) oil to clients for a healthier, happier life, we dedicated ourselves to taking things to the next level.

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