Honey Hard Taffy (Bag of 10)

We set out to create a GREAT tasting hard candy that is as natural as can be! This candy tastes amazing and is a wonderful delivery method to get cannabinoids into your system. Each piece of taffy contains 5-7 mg of cannabinoids and is individually wrapped. They come in a package of 10 and contain only 4 ingredients.

CV 10
VOLUME 14.97





How To Use

Simply unwrap, and enjoy!

Benefit & Features

Pure raw honey from the wasatch mountains contains all the benefits of honey combined with cannabinoids!

Try not to chew the candy, but instead let it dissolve in your mouth. This allows for the highest possible absorption of cannabinoids.


Honey, Sugar, Cream, Cannabinoids.

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The Sucavu Promise

After years of providing world class cannabidiol (CBD) oil to clients for a healthier, happier life, we dedicated ourselves to taking things to the next level.

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